Korea Tour // Day 4

Korea Tour: Day 4 // 070612 It's 6:02 AM right now in the hot, humid, moist, stuffy Korea, and i'd just like to say God is so good. We've had 5 concerts in the past 2 days and even though some of us might've been physically drained, God is so gracious and STILL manages to use us and bless His people through us. Yesterday someone from the audience came up to my mom and told her about the vision he had while we were performing. He said that he saw soooo many angels worshipping with us in His vision! Man.. When she told us that I was so humbled.. What a privilege and honor it is to be worshipping our beautiful God alongside angels! Whew! Last night we had a worship night that lasted around 3 hours long. It was such a beautiful time, oh man! The holy spirit was definitely sweeping through the place. I truly believe that God is going to pour out His healing on all his children and that many of them will encounter His perfect beautiful unconditional love. We spent last night praising our God, praying for each other, encouraging and uplifting each other, and sharing with each other our struggles. I'm sooooo excited because this is only the beginning! I know God has so much in store for this tour and i can't wait ^__^ I hope all of you at home are doing well and hope you all had a happy fourth of july! Keep praying for us! Please pray for unity within the body and strength physically & spiritually. I love you all so much! God bless you all!

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