An Honor To Serve The King

I'm new to typing down my thoughts and feelings so this might be a little difficult to start . . . But God has been so good in my life I just need to write it down in words so that I can always look back and remember what He has taught me! Recently, Holy Spirit has revealed to me the condition of my heart; I found myself being more reliant and dependent on money and materialistic things rather than my Father T__T When I began the "Stuffed With Love" pillow project, my first intentions were to give away 100% of the proceeds to different causes every month . . . However, I don't know when & I don't know how, but my intentions became skewed and I didn't follow through with my initial intent. As I began making these pillows for people, I was happy to know that people were happy to receive them, but as time went by I began noticing that making these pillows began to tire me out and I did it out of obligation rather than joy! I was confused . . . I usually love making things, but why was I not enjoying this? I then began to look back: why did I want to sell these pillows in the first place? Was it to get rich? Ummmmm obviously not LOL . . . I was going to be selling PILLOWS, not something crazy expensive LOL I realized it was to 1) create an outlet for people to impact this world (no matter how small that impact may be) & 2) to serve the kingdom with the small talent that God has given me: making pillows . . . LOL

I realize that my joy doesn't come from making things or sewing things together, but it comes from serving my God & being used by Him! He just happens to use me through the things that I enjoy doing (He's gracious like that ^__^)

Here are a few questions I had to ask myself to redirect my heart and lay it down before the Lord:
- Nicole, do you want to be a giver or a hoarder?
- Nicole, do you want to serve others or yourself?
- Nicole, do you want your talents to help build the kingdom? Or do you want to use it to build yourself?
- Nicole, in the end, what brings you joy?

After asking myself these series of questions, the answer was so simple, so easy, & right in front of me . . . LITERALLY I opened up my Bible (it opened randomly to acts), I skimmed some of the words & casually turned the page then KABOOM!

"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" - Acts 20:35

The answer was really simple! So long story short, I want to restart this pillow project with a new purpose!! Every month the proceeds will go to a different cause and hopefully, with combined efforts, we will be able to make somewhat of an impact. It's an honor & privilege to use my talents for the building & serving of the kingdom.

Thank you Lord for teaching me that my satisfaction does not come from money or materialistic things, but that my satisfaction comes from you and you alone! Thank you for revealing to me the condition of my heart before it got any worse. Thank you for slowly teaching me how to be a giver. Thank you for everything! Thank you for your love, your joy, your peace, your kindness, your goodness, your mercy, your grace, your favor, your faithfulness, your presence, your son, and everything else! Lord, would You take the little that I have to offer and multiply it for your kingdom! Although it may be little, I thank you for accepting it God! I lava you

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  1. I'm a typical worker here in Brazil. Working for one of the largest IT companies over the world. Today I have the desire to do something not only for the money but they make me happy and that I can bring happiness to others too.
    I saw your video with beautiful child in the rain, and it brought me here.
    You gave me a espeho. I loved reading what you wrote.
    Thanks for sharing and being an example to follow.