This week was crazy hectic and stressful because I had 3 midterms and I was ill prepared for all of them T___T Therefore this week consisted of a lot of reading, a lot of flash cards, a lot of all nighters, and barely any reading of the word T___T (I read literally like one chapter) But anyways, after my last midterm, I got home and tried to relax; aka I knocked out. However, today I don't feel rested at all.. I just feel really tired and drained T__T I realize I need the word, fellowship with Holy Spirit, and alone time in His presence more than sleep, more than "relaxation", more than anything!! He is my rest, He is my relaxation, He is my peace! So thank you Lord that I'm able to find rest in You! Thank you for your word and help me to spend more time reading it. Help me Jesus to not be stupid and think that I'm too busy to read your word, because i'm not T__T Remember Nicole, you are never too busy to read the word! YOU need it in the end anyways okayyyy!?

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